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HR Audits

HR Audits are about having the right foundations to grow.  Most businesses are focussed on continuous growth, as businesses should be.  But in order to grow and to protect your business from any potential threats or weaknesses, the foundations to the business must be solid.

A great way to find this out, is by undertaking a HR Audit.

Effective HR Solutions can review all of the following and much more within a HR Audit to help futureproof your business.  The HR Audits will guide you to the areas that your business needs to focus on developing.

HR Audit Review

Recruitment processes:  Making sure your recruitment process is up to standard and is a fair and justifiable process helping you to recruit the right candidates and prevent any potential discrimination issues.

Organisational Structure: Reviewing an organisational structure can often identify potential weaknesses in a business and help to ensure continued growth will be manageable across a business including looking at the

Skills Mix: Ensuring you have the right people in the right posts can make a massive difference to any business.  Reviewing development opportunities for individuals is also vital for a business to grow.  A skills mix will also review and consider any key training areas that would be beneficial for any employee within the organisation.

Day to day HR issues: Employees have the right to raise a grievance if they are unhappy with an aspect of their employment.  Knowing how to deal with that situation is extremely important for both parties involved.  This audit will clarify your grievance process, aswell as reviewing your disciplinary, sickness and many other processes, ensuring that your day to day processes are working effectively for your business.

Operational Processes: Ever reviewed your timesheets and discovered that some of the overtime wasn’t actually necessary?  It happens a lot, but there are systems and processes that can be put in place to prevent such situations from happening.  Reviewing the current operational structure and how the business operates at present, can help to identify strengths as well as potential weaknesses.

Waste: Many businesses suffer from high waste costs, whether that’s duplication, or sickness absence that hasn’t been dealt with, or an unproductive staff member.  This audit aims to tackle that very issue head on.

HR Audit Report

On top of spending time in your business reviewing current operations, processes and procedures, we also provide you with a detailed report of areas that are succeeding and areas that could be improved, as employment law changes rapidly and as your business grows and adapts to changing client requirements.

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