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Employment Contracts and Handbooks – boring, right?

Yes.  Definitely.  But important.  Employment Contracts and Handbooks are extremely boring.

Bookkeeping is boring too, right?  But you wouldn’t ever neglect bookkeeping would you, because it’s vitally important.

Employer Responsibilities

As a business owner, you have responsibilities to your employees (as I’m sure you are aware), you often think and put your employee’s interests first.  Which is great, but you also need to protect your business and yourself too.  Even more reason to put Employment Contracts and Handbooks in place.

I work with several clients in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, and this is the exact scenario I come across a lot.  ‘I want to look after my employees’, which I fully support, and what a great employer you are for doing that.  But I am always clear with my clients, that you need to look after and protect yourself too.

So what do Effective HR Solutions do?

At Effective HR Solutions, we provide the information you need, to make an informed decision.  Employment Contracts and Handbooks vary so much, because every business has different requirements.  It’s just as important for a business to protect itself as it is for an employee to have fair employment terms.  So, we give you the information you need to help to provide a fair and balanced Employment Contract and Handbook that works for your business.

Where do you find the answer?

When an issue arises in the workplace, one of the first documents that you should look at are Employment Contracts and Handbooks.  A decent contract and handbook should have the majority of answers to many of the questions an employee will raise.  Is it a document you regularly refer to?

Effective HR Solutions wants to help you put the right processes and policies in place. Get in touch by clicking on the Contact Us button and we’ll arrange an initial free discussion to help put you and your business in the best possible position.