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Ad Hoc services are designed for businesses who may need occasional assistance with an employee matter, or support for the business to grow.

For those businesses that have a specific project in mind, Ad-Hoc services are flexible to work with your business as and when you require, but with a fixed hourly or project price.  Ad-Hoc services can be used for any of the following purposes:

Employment Contracts and Handbooks
If you need to put in place new employment contracts and an employee handbook, using a HR consultant can be a cost effective way of getting the job done, without employing your own HR Manager, whilst only paying for the service that you require.

Performance Management

Occasionally a performance related matter will arise, and knowing how to manage the situation will ensure precious time isn’t wasted and that employee performance will be managed effectively.

Grievance Procedure

From time to time, Employers are likely to face a grievance being raised by an employee of the company. Effective HR Solutions can support and advise you through a grievance procedure, ensuring you follow a fair and consistent approach to all grievances that are raised.

Sickness Absence

Employee absences cost a business money, and often eat up substantial amounts of time that most businesses simply haven’t got to lose.  Effective HR Solutions can work with you to ensure you have an effective Sickness Absence Procedure and can support and advise you through the process on a case by case basis.

Redundancy Situations
Redundancy consultations can be an extremely difficult time for any business and most certainly for those employees affected.  Using an outsourced HR consultant can provide the unbiased and truly impartial process that is required with any redundancy situation, ensuring that a consistent and fair approach has been achieved for all employees going through such a scenario.

Appraisal development
If you’ve never had an appraisal process and wish to put one in place, a HR consultant is best placed to give you the advice and support you need to make sure you have a new process that works for you and your business.  A HR Consultant is able to guide you in the right direction, making sure you don’t fall into any potential unfair practices and ensuring that the process is fit for purpose and fair across your entire team.

Some businesses like to have a training programme, whereby they receive training on a 6 monthly or yearly basis, others prefer to have one-off training events as and when they need it.  A HR Consultant can provide you with the best training and developmental materials ensuring your training is effective and fit for purpose for the long term and not just for the time in the training room.

Return to Work Interviews
An employee absence can be quite time consuming for any manager to have to deal with, so having the support and advice from a HR professional could save you time and money.  An effective Return to Work Interview may also provide you with insightful information you need, helping you support your employee back to work, sooner than you had anticipated.