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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Here we have compiled a list of our FAQ’s. If you have any further questions, then please leave your details on the contact us page, where we will respond to your query within¬†24 hours. ¬†If you query needs a response within a strict timeframe (eg within 2 hours), then please give us a call directly, so that your query can be dealt with immediately.”

We initially arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your needs and requirements and the reason why you would like us involved. From there, we mutually agree the way forward and how we plan to work together. This is very flexible to meet client needs.

Effective HR Solutions will be as involved as much or as little as you require us to be. Therefore we can either advise you over the phone, or meet with you face to face. We strive to give you the service that you want, so if you have a sickness absence management meeting that needs to take place, we can either advise you over the phone, be at the meeting with you to support you through the process, or be there for any unforeseen matters that you wish to discuss. We are keen to work with you, however it best suits you and your business.

How we work with clients

For both Retainer and Ad-hoc clients, the HR Agreement is in place for 24 months from the date of signing the Agreement.

Effective HR Solutions will discuss client needs when creating a HR Agreement. Any alterations to typical working hours may incur additional costs. However, where possible, Effective HR Solutions will try to support clients and their needs.


Effective HR Solutions use a HR Agreement with clients to enable clarity on the work that needs to be undertaken. Therefore, this ensures costs are clear at the outset for both parties. The HR Agreement is for retainer clients and for ad-hoc clients and will ensure that both parties understand what is expected of them and what you can expect from us, prior to any work being undertaken.

The cost is dependent on the package that you choose, there is a great deal of flexibility involved. A retainer package is similar to a pay monthly telephone contract. With a a retainer package you get telephone and email support as and when you require, with additional services to this charged at a standard hourly rate. You also have access to template letters and employment law updates included within the retainer cost. The Ad hoc package is charged per 30 minutes of work undertaken for you, at a standard hourly rate.

We aim to respond to client queries within 24 hours between Monday and Friday. Queries received over the weekend will be dealt with at the start of the next working week.

Further Queries

Regardless of the issue, we at Effective HR Solutions are here to help. Please do get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. This will enable us to give you the clear expert support you need.