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Company overview

We pride ourselves on being the Proactive HR company. This means we get to know you and your business first. We find out how you work, we find out where your business is going and then we look at how we can help you. This helps us support you better, because we get to know what is happening and what will be happening in the future.

Free Initial Consultation

We always ask for an initial free, no obligation, consultation first to discuss your specific needs, this puts us in a better position to help you. We will always provide you with feasible options, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Quality Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service and giving you the information you require as and when you need it. With 10 years experience in a variety of HR positions and organisations and having had managerial experience of my own, means we know what most business owners are going through and where the pitfalls typically are, so we like to deal with issues straight away, when they first arise. This often discourages additional issues from arising.

Expert HR Advice

Did I forget to mention this bit? Vicky has a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, and has worked in a variety of organisations including the NHS, Royal Mail, not to mention the private sector experience working for an insurance company, a care home organisation and now successfully running Effective HR Solutions working for all the amazing clients. Vicky is a CIPD member and does maintain her professional membership.

Proactive HR Advice

Here at Effective HR Solutions, we do a lot of firefighting, but that's not where we excel. We strive forward each day, working with clients to be proactive. We do this, by putting measures in place to prevent problems from occuring. One way we do this, is regularly reviewing employment contracts. This ensures that any discrepancies are picked up, before they become an issue. We also, meet with clients regularly to review what is happening in their business. This allows us to pre-empt any particular problems, or areas for concern. We also advise all of our clients to ring us before making any changes. As soon as an issue becomes a 'niggly' issue, this enables us to consider the consequences.